Revised Department of Justice ADA Regulations

On Friday, July 23, 2010, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in the Department of Justice (DOJ) signed additional ADA (American Disabilities Act) regulations which included requirement for ATMs.  The new requirements are specifically targeted for “on premise” ATMs, directly impacting Financial Institutions.  The DOJ classifies ATMs under the communication-related elements as auxiliary aids and services.  The regulations address hearing impaired access/usage and well as visual impairment requirements.  The DOJ did not provide any Safe Harbor exemptions for existing ATMs.  The Regulations take effect six (6) months after the regulations are published in the Federal register, which is anticipated in the next couple of weeks. 

At this time, this regulation applies only to financial institution ATMs, but Sightline Payments will continue to monitor this should the regulation extend to casino ATMs.

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About the Author: Kirk Sanford, Sightline Payments CEO and principal founder, is a pioneer and leader in gaming payment and marketing solutions. Prior to this role, Mr. Sanford was the CEO and President of Global Cash Access for more than a decade and under his entrepreneurial leadership took GCA from a start-up company in 1994 to a more than $1Billion NYSE public company.  Mr. Sanford has also been involved with a number of other successful businesses including his role as Chief Executive Officer, President and Owner of Central Credit, a provider of gaming patron credit information services to casinos throughout the world. Mr. Sanford was featured by Business Week as one of the Top 100 CEO’s Under 40.


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