Sightline Payments Offers Worry-Free ATMs

Sightline’s CEO Kirk Sanford has heard it all, the horror stories, the nightmares from casinos all over the country and the world, from erroneous ATM debits at casinos to personal information accidentally being shared with third parties, to simply bad service.  This is, in fact, often why Kirk Sanford and Sightline are brought into casinos in the … Continue reading

Kirk Sanford and Sightline Change The Way You Do Business

Under the helm of CEO Kirk Sanford, Sightline Payments is quickly becoming a leader in the gaming industry for their innovative and state-of-the-art products.  One of the many advantages Kirk Sanford and Sightline offer is the VeriFone Cash-Advance Kiosks terminals.  With these kiosks, Sightline Payments LLC is able to reduce the amount of turndowns and call-referral … Continue reading

Sightline and NFC Technology On The Same Path

Near-field communication is only the latest technology soon to be implemented by Sightline Payments and CEO Kirk Sanford, offering new and innovative cash access to gaming industry customers, making it easier and more efficient to acquire funds and thus stay playing. As more and more mobile devices acquire near-field communication capability (the ability to pass … Continue reading

A High-Tech Emphasis Produces Efficiency and Savings

With their emphasis not only on security and speed but cutting-edge technology for more efficiency, Sightline Payments LLC incorporates the Glory SK-100A kiosks, along with the NCR ATM devices, for quick and easy cash dispersement.  The SK-100 kiosks have now set a new standard in casino kiosk performance, offering user-friendly and one-stop service for ticket-redemption, … Continue reading

Security Is Key To Sightline Success

One of the keys to a solid and successful business strategy is knowing your market, and in that area it’s only necessary to look at the background of the Sightline Payments LLC team. With more combined experience in the gaming industry than anyone else in the field, Sightline Payments LLC offers the knowledge and experience … Continue reading

Sightline Payments Offers State of the Art Solutions

Of all the various ticket-redemption and cash-access solutions offered by Sightline Payments LLC, perhaps the most significant, innovative and compelling is their SmartBox ATM3X software package.  The SmartBox program serves the customer who has reached or exceeded the withdrawal limits for the day from his or her bank, allowing a debit (or credit) cash advance, … Continue reading

With Sightline Payments, Security Is The Key

With Sightline Payments LLC., security is a prime component of their success.  Multiple redundancies are built into the system, ensuring not only zero downtime but secure and rapid connections to bank networks.  Sightline Payments LLC regularly conducts audits of all of their network partners, ensuring that sensitive information remains private and secure. In the gaming … Continue reading

The Pride of Sightline Payments

Sightline Payments prides itself with providing secure services to all clients, thus the clients patrons are happy. With Sightline Payments LLC knows that two-thirds or more of gaming revenue is being derived from cash access services, so by providing an easier (no debit pin required) way to access credit and debit cash access they are contributing … Continue reading

Sightline Payments Has Top of The Line Experience

Sightline Payments  is a well known team, known for their extensive experience in the gaming industry. With this experience Sightline Payment has been able to assess the needs for top performing reliable products required in the gaming industry and deliver. Sightline Payments LLC has developed solutions that enable your patron to perform a wide Variety … Continue reading

Sightline Payments Offers Many High Valued Products

When you choose Sightline Payments, you will get affordable high-quality cash-access and ticket-redemption solutions and services. Sightline Payments offer many high valued products and the highest in demand is the SmartBox ATM3X that is integrated with top of the line software enabling ones patrons to receive credit-cash or debit-cash advances even after they have reached … Continue reading