Sightline Payments Leads Gaming Into the 21st Century

Founded in early 2010 by CEO Kirk Sanford, Sightline Payments has quickly become known as one of the hottest start-up companies around, with innovative ideas and a commitment to technology that puts it at the forefront of the gaming industry. When their suite of products, including the SmartBox ATM3X and Redemption6X, Sightline Payments has taken … Continue reading

Sightline Payments Offers Worry-Free ATMs

Sightline’s CEO Kirk Sanford has heard it all, the horror stories, the nightmares from casinos all over the country and the world, from erroneous ATM debits at casinos to personal information accidentally being shared with third parties, to simply bad service.  This is, in fact, often why Kirk Sanford and Sightline are brought into casinos in the … Continue reading

Sightline and NFC Technology On The Same Path

Near-field communication is only the latest technology soon to be implemented by Sightline Payments and CEO Kirk Sanford, offering new and innovative cash access to gaming industry customers, making it easier and more efficient to acquire funds and thus stay playing. As more and more mobile devices acquire near-field communication capability (the ability to pass … Continue reading

The Pride of Sightline Payments

Sightline Payments prides itself with providing secure services to all clients, thus the clients patrons are happy. With Sightline Payments LLC knows that two-thirds or more of gaming revenue is being derived from cash access services, so by providing an easier (no debit pin required) way to access credit and debit cash access they are contributing … Continue reading

Security is a Top Focus for Sightline Payments LLC

The gaming industry advances further everyday. Casinos are watching peoples every move they make on the gaming floors. Hundreds maybe even thousands of cameras overlook the casino floors but the truth is; there are some people out there who are ingenious ATM hackers hiding in pseudo attire. There are millions of people each year that … Continue reading

High Tech, High Quality, High Security – SmartBox ATM3X for All Businesses

SmartBox ATM3X is secured software that allows a client to make an ATM transaction with higher rates. Most ATM’s have a governor limit of anywhere between $300-500. Sightline payments software allows debit and credit cash advances on one of the newest models of ATM machines. With high security features that provides low risk for clients. … Continue reading

Sightline Payments LLC: A Company Trying to be a Bunch of Zeros?

Sightline Payments: A Company Trying to Be A Bunch of Zeros?