Savings Is Only One Advantage of Sightline Payments

Sightline Payments, the business that CEO Kirk Sanford has built, has simplified and streamlined the way gaming operators do business. With his years of experience in the gaming industry, Sightline Payments provides a secure and efficient service to cover all manner of cash access and ticket redemption needs, with a call center that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This means that casinos and other gaming operations always have a place to turn when their patrons need help acquiring their cash.  Help is always available.

All this has remarkably be accomplished at an amazingly affordable cost.  In fact, the Sightline suite of products and solutions are providing gaming operators with increased cash on the floor at lower costs than they were paying before with other systems.

As Kirk Sanford noted,  “This was all made possible because of a knowledgeable and experience management team that was assembled and certain smart partnerships that were developed. The end result is magnificent savings for the gaming operator.”

Kirk Sanford and Sightline won’t stop there, either.  They continue to innovate and update as new technology becomes widespread and more available, bringing affordable solutions to longstanding problems.



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