Sightline Payments Knows The Numbers

The numbers can’t be ignored: At least two-thirds of the gaming industry revenue is derived from cash-access services. Two-thirds. At least. Something that Sightline Payments knows all about.

And herein lies some of the problem. There are limits to daily debit withdrawals, for example, often in the $300-500 range. Meaning that a casino patron might literally be tapped out on a technological basis and not a practical or realistic one.

This is where Sightline Payments, under the leadership of Kirk Sanford, makes a big splash, by providing state-of-the-art, PIN-less cash access to their gaming industry clients. With their stylish and superior cash-advance kiosks, Sightline Payments make transactions for gaming patrons quick, simple, secure and even intuitive, with large, colorful (and touchscreen) displays, making the entire cash-access process not only easy and convenient but even pleasant, getting the customer his or her cash and placing them quickly back on the floor, making both patrons and casinos happy. And with Sightline’s cash-advance kiosks requiring no PIN (sometimes the last thing on a patron’s mind!), this also enlarges the customer base and provides an experience designed for gaming, not frustration.


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