CEO Kirk Sanford Brings Innovation With Sightline

With CEO Kirk Sanford at the helm, and with their emphasis on cutting-edge technology as well as on security and speed for more efficiency, one of the many innovations from Sightline Payments is the Glory SK-100A kiosk, along with their NCR ATM devices, for quick and easy cash retrieval for players on the floor.  With his many years of experience in the gaming industry, Kirk Sanford has a reputation casinos trust, which is why the Glory has become a leading component in the field.  The Glory SK-100A kiosk is a big reason Kirk Sanford and Sightline Payments LLC have become known and respected in the gaming industry for their high-quality products.

And among the many solutions offered by Sightline Payments for various ticket-redemption and cash-access needs, maybe the most significant and innovative is their SmartBox ATM3X software package.  The SmartBox program serves customers who have reached or exceeded the withdrawal limits for the day from their bank, allowing a debit (or credit) cash advance, without the need for a pin.

In addition, Sightline Payments ffers user-friendly and accessible cash-advance kiosks, a huge plus in the fast-paced world of casino gaming, getting customers their cash and back out on the floor.



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