Kirk Sanford Knows The Score

Sightline CEO Kirk Sanford knows the gaming industry and its needs, particularly with cash access and ticket redemption services, which is why with their VeriFone Cash-Advance Kiosks, Sightline Payments and Kirk Sanford are getting rave reviews from clients, all extremely pleased with the reduction in the amount of turndowns and call-referral transactions, taking playing customers off the floor and in some cases out of the casino. Using the existing in-house networks and integrating their products such as the SmartStation, featuring lectronic-signature capture, checkless deposits, compliance features, high-speed transactions, reporting, self-exclusion and limit programs, Sightline Payments has become a valued asset to casinos and other gaming industry establishments.

Sightline Payments also offers state-of-the-art ATM security software with high-level IT support, thus minimizing the ever-increasing risk of computer fraud. Using the newest PCI tools, secure communications and firewalls, under the leadership of Kirk Sanford Sightline Payments offers secure, reliable and efficient cash-procurement solutions for the modern gaming industry.



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