Sightline Payments Offers Worry-Free ATMs

Sightline’s CEO Kirk Sanford has heard it all, the horror stories, the nightmares from casinos all over the country and the world, from erroneous ATM debits at casinos to personal information accidentally being shared with third parties, to simply bad service.  This is, in fact, often why Kirk Sanford and Sightline are brought into casinos in the first place.

Sightline Payments takes enormous pride in providing secure and safe services to all their clients, and in this way the patrons of their various casinos become comfortable and willing to access more of their cash, and spend it on the floor.  With at least two-thirds and possibly more of revenue from gaming derived from cash access services, Sightline Payments provides an easier (with no debit pin required) way to access credit and debit cash, and thus greatly contribute to a better overall (and more efficient) gaming experience. If customers are suspicious or uncomfortable using in-house ATMs for accessing their cash, debit or credit, they’re going to walk away from the floor and everyone (ahem) loses.  Under the direction of Kirk Sanford, Sightline Payments has become the go-to vendor for secure, reliable, and easy cash access for the 21st-century gaming industry.


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