Sightline and NFC Technology On The Same Path

Near-field communication is only the latest technology soon to be implemented by Sightline Payments and CEO Kirk Sanford, offering new and innovative cash access to gaming industry customers, making it easier and more efficient to acquire funds and thus stay playing.

As more and more mobile devices acquire near-field communication capability (the ability to pass a mobile device in front of a scanner to establish identity and acess), under the leadership of Kirk Sanford Sightline Payments not only is staying state-of-the-art but also leading the industry in establishing security measures to battle credit card and mobile fraud, currently costing approximately $200 billion in annual losses.

As newer mobile phones come onto the market, they are expected to have this near-field communication (NFC) technology fully integrated, including the popular BlackBerry and phones using Google’s Android operating system.  Apple also plans to introduce services that will allow customers to use their iPhones and even iPads to access digital wallets and make purchases.  Research analysts project that as many as 700 million mobile subscribers globally will have phones equipped with NFC contactless technology by 2013, and Kirk Sanford and Sightline remain at the forefront of this new technology in the growing gaming industry.


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