A High-Tech Emphasis Produces Efficiency and Savings

With their emphasis not only on security and speed but cutting-edge technology for more efficiency, Sightline Payments LLC incorporates the Glory SK-100A kiosks, along with the NCR ATM devices, for quick and easy cash dispersement.  The SK-100 kiosks have now set a new standard in casino kiosk performance, offering user-friendly and one-stop service for ticket-redemption, bill-breaking and check-cashing services, letting Sightline Payment LLC pass the savings on to their customers.  With its faster transaction speed and multiple ticket reader, allowing players to do a variety of common functions (including bill breaking and redeeming of up to 10 tickets), the Glory SK-100A kiosk is one very big reason Sightline Payments LLC has become known for their high-quality products.

Sightline also partners with Certegy to provide a check-warranty product, which in turn results in more checks being accepted (and thus more players on the floor).  With their cash-advance kiosks reducing cash dispersal denials and referrals, Sightline Payment LLC offers a full suite of high technology solutions to the modern gaming industry, efficiently controlling costs and passing those savings on to their customers.


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