Sightline Payments Offers Many High Valued Products

Sightline Payments

Sightline Payments

When you choose Sightline Payments, you will get affordable high-quality cash-access and ticket-redemption solutions and services. Sightline Payments offer many high valued products and the highest in demand is the SmartBox ATM3X that is integrated with top of the line software enabling ones patrons to receive credit-cash or debit-cash advances even after they have reached their daily withdrawal limit. Sightline Payments ATM software is compatible with Diebold, NCR and Wincor ATM’s. With Sightline Payments ATM3X software running off of Glory SK-100A kiosks Sightline Payments offers check-cashing services, bill breaking and ticket-redemption all with flexible financing terms. Casinos that choose Sightline Payments LLC see more money being spent on the floor due to Sightline Payments providing Check Warranty services. Sightline Payments is able to provide this service due to its partnership with Certeg an industry-leader. Sightline Payments is able to offer their products at such reasonable prices due to this great partnership. Sightline Payments also offers VeriFone Cash-Advance Kiosks terminals and is able to reduce the amount of turndowns and call-referral transactions in the casino. Another positive to the cash-advance kiosks is no required PIN entry with transaction. Sightline Payments utilizes the existing in-house networks to integrate their products, customer data and services. The SmartStation is one of the products the Sightline Payments offers and runs off of the existing in-house network and SmartStation features included are electronic-signature capture to streamline chargeback responses, checkless deposits, compliance features, high-speed transactions, reporting, self-exclusion and limit programs. Choosing Sightline Payments will bring more cash onto the gaming floor.


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