Sightline Payments LLC Is In A Knot With High Level IT

Sihgtline Payments

Sightline Payments

Sightlin Payments knows there are millions of people each year that come to Las Vegas, so trying to spot out a few handpicked hackers can be a major challenge. By collaborating with a high level IT knot, Sightline Payments is able to provide state of the art ATM software that reduces the chances of a Sightline Payments ATM’s getting hacked. ATM security is the one main priority of Sightline Payments LLC which is why they use the newest PCI tools, secure communication systems and impassable firewalls. Many steps in the right direction have been taken to detect and prevent these types of hackings.The gaming industry advances further every day. Casinos are watching everyone’s every move they make on the casino gaming floors. Hundreds maybe even thousands of cameras overlook the casino gaming floors but the truth is; there are some people out there who are very clever ATM hackers stalking in phony attire.


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